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Where To Shop In Dublin


Dublin shopping is some of the best in Ireland, and the city’s lively culture and storied history is reflected in unique shops, designer boutiques, and upscale malls. 

For some of the best shopping in Dublin, stroll along Grafton Street, one of the city’s most popular shopping areas. Home to some of Ireland’s best designers, the pedestrian-friendly district offers a mix of local and international boutiques and department stores. Plenty of pubs, cafés, and street performers made Grafton Street one of the most entertaining in Dublin. Henry Street is another favorite Dublin shopping area, and the indoor Blanchardstown Centre is Ireland’s largest shopping center.

Favorite shops in Dublin include the chic Brown Thomas department store and Hodges Figgis, the oldest bookstore in Ireland. Don’t miss enjoying a delicious treat-or picking up a gift-at one of the Butler’s Chocolate Cafés scattered around the city.

Traditional Dublin stores aren’t the only places to soak up true Irish culture. Dublin markets offer an authentic look at local life, and feature artisan cheeses, fresh seafood, and local produce. For a traditional Irish market experience, visit the open-air Moore Street Market, Dublin’s oldest food market. During the holidays, Dublin Christmas markets offer a charming alternative to conventional stores.

Whether you’re looking for classic Irish clothing and accessories, trendy home décor, or designer goods, let be your personal guide to the best shopping in Dublin, Ireland.

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