Spaced Out @ These Luxury Sonder Dublin Hotels

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Need a little more “room” in your room? Bryan Dearsley shares this list of luxury Sonder Dublin hotels that are just the thing when more space is needed.
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Looking for a dose of reasonably priced luxury when next visiting Ireland’s capital? While there’s no shortage of choice in Dublin’s luxury hotel sector, when it comes to needing somewhere spacious enough to conduct business, get some writing done, as well as to spread out and relax in, I’ve yet to go wrong with the three Sonder Dublin hotels.

With a presence in major cities worldwide including Barcelona, Dubai, and of course  Dublin, among many others, Sonder has adopted an innovative approach to providing its guests with top-notch accommodation experiences that are roomy, easy to book, and fun to stay at. And it works well.

Sonder’s spacious suites and apartments, typically situated in the central cores of major cities, also offer effortless booking, touch-free check-ins, and keyless access. These top-notch Sonder Dublin hotels also score big as they provide an ideal fusion of comfort and luxury while boasting an intimate, boutique-style stay that makes you feel quite at home.


The Three Sonder Dublin Hotels


Sonder at Britain Quay
Sonder Dublin Hotels Britain Quay bedroom
There’s plenty of space for guests (and their guests!) at Sonder’s Britain Quay property


Situated in the heart of Dublin’s thriving Docklands, Sonder at Britain Quay offers a first-rate accommodation experience. The hotel’s contemporary apartments echo the energy of the area, featuring modern design elements and high-end furnishings.

Apart from the convenience of keyless entry and contactless check-ins, you’ll find your unit comes equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. I’m a huge fan of the fully fitted kitchens, as well as the comfortable beds, which never fail to provide a great night’s sleep. You also get complimentary high-speed internet.

The neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere is reflected in the suite’s décor, making your stay feel about as authentic as it gets. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from some of the city’s most iconic attractions, including the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and Grand Canal Square.

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Sonder The Earl
Sonder The Earl bedroom with 2 beds
The architecture at Sonder The Earl  dates from the city’s Georgian period


Perfectly nestled within Dublin’s historic city center, The Earl offers up a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary comforts. Each Sonder suite at The Earl exudes elegance with its carefully selected furnishings and artful décor and comes fully equipped with modern amenities such as smart TVs, state-of-the-art kitchens, and comfortable living spaces.

A stay at The Earl also places you in the very heart of Dublin, with easy access to landmarks such as Trinity College and the always-bustling Temple Bar. In addition, its contactless check-ins and keyless entries make your stay effortless and secure.

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Sonder Mountjoy Square
The Mountjoy Sonder Dublin Hotels kitchen area and sofa
Sonder’s Mountjoy Square location features classy suites with handy full kitchens


Set against the backdrop of Dublin’s charming Georgian Square, Sonder’s Mountjoy Square location offers visitors an elegant retreat amidst the city’s near-constant bustle. I love the building’s classic Georgian architecture, which lends a dash of elegance to each of the units.

You’ll find your suite thoughtfully designed with high-quality furnishings, spacious living areas, and fully equipped kitchens, which always come in handy. As with all Sonder properties, Mountjoy Square ensures seamless check-ins and keyless entries, adding convenience to the experience.

Mountjoy Square is also handily located close to places like the James Joyce Centre and the Garden of Remembrance, each within easy walking distance.

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